Virginia Harrison- Glass & Pottery

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"When I am underwater I am able to slow down and think. The water seems to hold me in its safe arms. The fragmented light, constantly creating new patterns in what appears to be slow motion, transports me into a kind of dream world. Through my art, I try to revisit this place of wonder."

"In the last few years, I often see images just before I wake up. Images from my dreams I suppose, and I have been keeping track of them with quick sketches first thing. Sometimes they are bits and pieces of memories from my childhood, at other times, ethereal, hard to identify and understand, as they first present themselves. These images, disturbing at times, stay with me. I've felt a need to deal with them, to come to terms with them, through my art."

"As a sculptor, I tend to think in three dimensions, so it seemed natural, and somehow important for me, to translate these images into three-dimensional objects- to get the images out of my head, and be able to see them in front of me. Most of the sculptures represent my efforts to understand this imagery that appears in my sleep.
  -Virginia Harrison

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1701 W. Easton St., Tulsa, OK 74127


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